Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Southern Trinity - Making My Own Game World Part V

In the last installment, we took a look at the Mid World Compact, the more aggressive, expansionist nations which comprised the central part of the Middle Continent. Today, however, we look at the meatiest part of the resistance on the mainland, the alliance of more...sinister realms known as the Southern Trinity. While the denizens of these lands are portrayed by their adversaries in the MWC as brutish, unthinking monsters, today we shall see how exactly such appearances can be deceiving.

Kratocracy of Hynyth. What is typically referred to as the 'Minotaur Empire' by most of the human realms, is in fact a Kratocracy, where in ages past, the ruler was decided on sometimes a weekly basis via single combat. For the past decade, however, the Kratocracy has been flourishing under the unorthodox (for a minotaur) leadership of Mirilla the Witty, whose reforms have kept the Northern salient relatively stable against increasing assaults by the organized human forces of Eowigoch and the furious savagery of the Qukoth Orcs. Far from a beastly race of cow people, the minotaurs are a well organized, well equipped, and disciplined society. Armored minotaur heavy infantry are largely the sole reason unified resistance against the MWC continues to exist in the South.

Demarchy of Ybygon. Ybygon is a principality inhabited primarily by gnomes, though halflings, goblins, kobolds, pixies, and assorted other 'small folk' also flourish on the island. The nation's ruling council is selected biannually by lottery from the entire citizenry, resulting in wild and perplexing foreign policy shifts every other year. While the hidebound minotaurs find this instability nauseating, the Gnomes (and other 'small folk') would have it no other way. Not having much to contribute to their allies in terms of raw military strength, the Ybygonians mostly contribute mechanized and naval forces to the war effort. That said, along the Qukoth front, many orc veterans tell nightmarish tales of a certain regiment of bearded, bulbous-nosed Zouaves.

Theocracy of  Jeraebwyn. No one is quite sure how a human nation came into existence in the desolate, icebound South, but the Gaunt Priests of Jeraebwyn would have you believe they have always been there, and sprung from the ice at the behest of their dead god Jeryn. The sparse population resides largely in never melting cities of magical ice, carved by tireless swarms of undead caretakers. Many of the residents who are not actively involved in perfecting the arts of necromancy aspire to becoming undead themselves, once they have left their mortal coil. Typically viewed by most civilized nations in the North as the enemies of all life, the pragmatic minotaurs simply shrug at their inclinations and are thankful for the occasional military aid in the form of Golems and undead, while the typical Ybygonian will tell you they get along famously with Gaunt Priests. Surprisingly, it's even mostly true.

Well, as always, I am exhausted when I finish writing one of these. On the other hand, it is nice to have it out of my head. There's been kind of a lot going on here with us, but I am trying to keep up a semi regular writing schedule, despite it all. Thanks for tuning in folks. I will try to have smaller gaps in between the next installment.

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