Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cool Stuff My Wife Made - Perler Bead Edition

So, my wife was bored and wanted to make a bunch of perler bead stuff, so she asked me to send her any pixel art I had on my computer (mwahahaha!), and she made a few things that she and I had been saving. I hope she stays in that mood and makes more stuff, because these so far are pretty cool.

 First up is the Christmas Tree sword from Terraria. God I love that game!

Next up is this bunny she made for my little girl. Since she loves bunnies. Duh.

This, believe it or not, is a single panel of my clan's tartan. It's pretty awesome you can do this in perler, since that's about the only way one can get any Gunn tartan.

This is a pair of sunglasses my daughter wanted, so that it can be glued to a headband, so that it always looks like she has glasses pushed up on her hair...I...guess?

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