Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Cool Wife And The Cure For The Wants

In which I, CounterFett, once again proclaim my wife to be the best wife, and extol her various glorious attributes. She's smart, she's pretty, and she is, to whit, awesome. So, it's been quite a week. After Mrs. Fett getting sick and needing to go to the hospital last weekend (she'll be fine, but it's been a rough week with me working ten hour days, and her recovering), the fact that Tuesday was my birthday sort of took a back seat.

Then I come home from work, and find this nondescript box sitting at my desk. "What's this?" I ask, quite reasonably befuddled.

"It's your birthday present." My wife replies, "You said you wanted that, right?"

It's the Cold Steel Battle Mace! The holy grail of things I have wanted but been unable to obtain for the entire duration of fatherhood! I missed out on these, because Cold Steel only offered them in the catalog for a few months, and you could only get them online, etc, etc. There were just more important things to spend the money on at the time (baby food, grown up food, rent, diapers, gas). Times are still a bit rough with the new job not paying the same as the last, but this gives me the will to move forward anew! Anew I say!

There will be more posts of this nature, brimming with more (deserved) praise of my glorious bride and glorious new tool of destruction. I'll have to assemble it and whatnot, so look forward to that!

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