Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Wants - Cold Steel Polish Mace

I have been waiting faithfully for Cold Steel to re-release their Battle Mace from years past. I missed out on it as it was simply not offered in the catalog for very long. I still want a battle mace, come to thing of it, but the new Polish mace from their Man At Arms line looks pretty spiffy too. I would like if the head were less spherical, and made of multiple circular flanges instead, but nothing is perfect.

Now, my fascination with maces is pretty simple. You hit things with them. Periodically, my wife wants me to smash things, as her family uses our house as a sort of 'Final Destination' for second hand furnishings. What happens when we overflow and have to discard a bunch of crap on the cheap? Well, first we try to sell it. Then we try to give it away. If neither of those options suffice, I smash it to kindling with and axe, pry bar, or what have you. A good stout mace has long been near the top of my wish list for this task. Sure it's less practical than a heavy pry bar, but it's got so much more style.


Stu Rat said...,-german,-circa-1500?gclid=CL2ft8jcp8wCFQyNaQodZfcANA

CounterFett said...

I like the Iberian Mace, it appeals to my sense of brutal functionality. Never really liked the gothic styled maces for some reason, though. It might be baseless, but I always feel like the overly ornate flanges are going to break or get snagged on something.