Friday, April 8, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - Pirates & Skeletons

Hey all, Counterfett here. Posting today because I am off work at my new job, and let me tell you has it been one eventful week!

But anyway, I have been meaning to snag one of these for a while, because I thought I had done so long ago, and that I just had to find it in my garage. Then my wife tells me that the time I think I bought it, we actually returned it to the shelves because we weren't getting anything else, and it's not worth going through the line at Toys R Us.

So I went and bought more.

These soldier buckets are kind of pricey (by my reasoning anyway, since Army Men used to be the cheapest toy category), so I finally broke down and got it, because I wanted a cheaper solution to an army of Undead than LEGO skeletons. I do have a few LEGO skeletons, but I got a pile of these guys. It's a fun set, you get a pier/dock, some treasure chests, several cannon, and a pile of Pirates and skeletons.

My son and daughter have messed around with these a bit, as you see in the photos, and I can tell you they come kid approved!

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