Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekly Update - Going Back To Work Edition

Hey all, Counterfett here. I figured I would just pop in and let you all know I'm not dead. I raise this point because there have been genuine inquiries. I have not been up to much, hence the lack of posting. I have actual been a bit ill, as has my wife, which means there has been a stunning dearth of content worthy hobby activities.

But there is some promising stuff going on here.

  1. Sorting my novel files. So, I have a kindle, and I am a voracious reader (usually). Since I have been home while unemployed, I have been getting most of my information daily allowance by computer, but since I start work again on Monday (YAY!) I figured I should sort and reload, so to speak. This took me awhile, as some required format changes mean I have duplicate copies of practically everything, spread across multiple folders and devices. Figuring out what was where, and if I had read it was...challenging.
  2. Anime. You're going to have a heart attack and die of not surprised, right? I recently finished the Valkyria Chronicles anime (as well as the first and second games), in addition to finally wrapping up season two of the GATE anime. I might review that one a little later.
  3. Game World. My DIY game world work has stalled for the moment. I went into that in the post last week, but -sigh- no progress on that front since. I think a little time away should help crystallize what I want out of this, and hopefully 'clearing the palette' will allow me to come back at it without some other authors' work leaking in.
  4. Work. I sort of mentioned this above, but I am starting a new job Monday. Now, lest ye think I have been sitting on my keister unemployed all this time, I actually got offered this job in the beginning of November, and the background check only completed last week. So, I am a bit antsy about getting started and becoming a contributing member of society once more. In any event, much of this week has been devoted to getting clothes, a briefcase, and other necessary gear for starting. 
Wish me luck, and thanks for bearing with me!

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