Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cold Steel Battle Mace Construction

Hey all, CounterFett here. I know it's only been almost a month since I got this from my wife, but what the heck, I started a new job! I'm a little behind schedule! In any event, I figured a quick post with the progress pics on the mace build were in order for my legion of adoring fans, or at least to prove to the handful of my friends that still read this that I am still alive. That latter one seems more likely.

So here it is, in all of its majestic glory. The Cold Steel Battle Mace. I painted the head with Rustoleum Hammered Finish Dark Broze, which I got for some other project years ago. It looks pretty darn good. I then affixed it to a 1.25" closet rod, which was the only 1.25" thing wood haft to be found. I believe the Cold Steel tomahawk handles are this diameter, but I couldn't find any long ones at a reasonable price, nor did I want to wait for shipping again.

The set screws were a bit fiddly, not to mention the even fiddly-er langet attachment screws. Because those are round to match the haft, getting the angle right was a bit...trying. Another thing I learned in this project is that you should taper the haft with a sharp blade before you start hammering it into the head. Your life will just be a little bit easier that way. I was worried about this being wobbly or loose, since most of my impact weapon experience is with lower quality arms. That was not a problem here, as the head fit SNUG.

I'm still planning to wrap the lower portion of the haft with batting tape, to make a one or two handed grip area, so this is not quite 100% complete, but it was close enough to get me excited. So I wanted to share.

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