Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cool Stuff My Daughter Made - Fathers Day Edition

Seems like only the other people in my family are doing interesting stuff. I guess that's not fair, my job involves a good deal of me doing cool stuff (while armored, I might add!), but I can't really post about that. The point holds, however, I have not been very active hobby wise. I do have a few projects shaping at the moment, so not to fear, good readers.

My daughter has been toiling secretly in her room the past few days. I figured it was making doll clothes (to be fair, that's usually what it is when she runs her sewing machine). But today, when I came in from mowing the lawn, she had this wrapped in a little paper bundle on my keyboard.

She made a tri-force!

We've already established how my wife is pretty awesome, this is just the reminder to all that my daughter is too!

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