Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Boxer, Splinter Cell, Devil, Ranger - LEGO Wave 16 Part I

Hey all, Counterfett here. I did promise that I would be doing several of these a day, so as not to take half a month to get through this project, so here goes. I was thinking of doing a kind of 'Theme' for each post, since this wave seems to have clusters of related figures, but with how much photo editing I had to do to get these to work, I'm to lazy to even think about such things.

Lady Boxer. This is a neat, if somewhat simple figure. She comes with nice, versatile pieces, a double sided head, a nice, if common hairstyle, and a boxing helmet. The gloves are a must if you ever wanted to make a minifigure of a Fallout 2 character that used the plated boxing gloves.

Splinter Cell. Okay, so this guy is probably supposed to be IMF, or corporate espionage, or whatever. He comes with the rope, goggles, a cool new hair piece, and a fire hose nozzle. I'm not sure if it's supposed to represent an automatic pistol or a grapnel launcher. The rope inplies the latter,  but since the previous wave's lady cat burglar had a much more compelling grapnel, I'm just not sure. Sadly, his hair can't be used for much else, since the NVGs actually latch onto the hair piece. Disappointing.

Devil (trick or treat).  Well, I think we all know I am going to use this to make the Robot Devil from Futurama.

Ranger. This sure looks like a Nightingale from Skyrim to me. He's got some neat parts, comes in a harder to get color, and has that sick new masked hood. There's a lot to like in this figure, even if the rather generic theme isn't your thing. There's just so much here that can be reused.

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