Monday, July 25, 2016

Cool Stuff My Wife Made - Utility Knife Lanyard / Pull

Hey all, time again for my regularly scheduled service reminder that my wife is the best there is. In this installment we look at the lanyard/pull cord she made for my utility knife.

This one has a bit of complicated backstory. I usually carry a knife. For lots of reasons. I have since I was about eight years old. Some places I have worked have frowned on this practice (not to mention my schools, lol!), so I tend to carry as non-threatening a blade as possible, as deeply concealed as possible. Also, I prefer a knife that is made in the USA. Also, I am a very dedicated cheapskate. So, where does one get a cheap, non threatening, American made knife these days? As it turns out, Aisle 14 of my Home Depot. Though this one came from WalMart. They even have replaceable blades. While I'm a decent hand with a whetstone, I'm won't lie, I prefer not sharpening things if I can help it.

So, I have been carrying this cutter in a pocket holster, but it only sticks about an inch out of the top, precluding a quick draw and easy purchase for a good cutting grip. So I asked the beautiful and talented Mrs. Fett to make me a zipper pull style lanyard out of paracord. It turns out it was just the ticket. She even used some of my favorite colors. This helps expedite the draw, and even positions the cutter in my hand such that my thumb just naturally rests on the slider.


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