Saturday, July 23, 2016

Disgusting PINK BLOB also known as Kirby!

So I have this friend who flys to Japan often. I recently asked her to bring me the amiibo dioramas because I think that locking down something like this is dumb! And I do not pay scalper prices.

Even before I get the Kirby amiibos I bought the diorama. I'm not disappointed! This is an awesome setup and display, and so cheap! The disgusting pink blob and his friends will soon be with me, I'm waiting for a sale. The coolest one has always been meta-knight! The benevolent King DDD will also soon be with me. The displays holds all 4 amiibos, from the recent release.

Here's some pictures so you can be jealous of my dioramas! BE JEALOUS!!!

I do like that the parts were really easy to do, not difficult paper folding techniques that can happen with stuff from japan- I don't do origami well. And that you can arrange it however you like. I like this feature.

STAY tuned for more dioramas as I have also scored multiple smash stages, splatoon level and stage, and multiple animal crossing levels (I have sooo many animal crossing amiibos- this will be hard to choose a few to fit).

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