Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dog Show-er, Penguin, Monochrome Boy, Mariachi - LEGO Wave 16 Part II

This guy's hair is splendid. Just look at that pompadour. So, this dude looks like he either won or took second place in a dog show with his trusy white sheepdog(?).  I mean, the trophy is silver. Do silver trophies ever mean first place? I am uncertain.

Penguin Costume Ice Skater. It's Disney's "Penguins on Ice" or is the on ice implied since they're penguins? Again, there is a lot in this wave that makes me uncertain. This one is neat, and it makes me want to assemble a corps of penguin soldiers to accompany Venom Snake while he's wearing the Chicken Hat. Maybe like arctic assault specialists?

Monochrome Boy. This, of course is the slightly generic Munsters-esque counterpart to the girl from a couple waves ago that was patently not Wednesday Adams. He comes with a Spider, and a neat book that I am pretty sure my wife has already turned into Skyrim spellbooks.

Mariachi. He has a cool guitar, sombrero, and mustache. These are all pieces I can reuse for some wild west shoot 'em up wargaming. A fistful of honey jumps to mind. Also, if anyone wanted to recreate that scene from 'Desperado' where the Mariachi/Vigilantes wasted that whole town with their mariachi themed machine guns, this would be a good starting point.

That's it for now. Until part III!