Saturday, July 23, 2016

IDOLMASTER! Cinderella girls

So a while ago I found this chibi image of something super cute! It was an image from idolmaster cinderella girls dice master game. Then while putzing about in Barnes and Noble we found some of the idol girls in boxes. Not being able to afford them, I decided to just take a pic and post from there. I'm working on a magnet set of the chibis, and currently watching idolmaster anime. I like it. Can't really go wrong with giant fighting robots manned by little girls.

So here's the pictures. Sorry for crappy quality, but I'm not a photographer- which is why CounterFett has to take the pics in the family.

I like the purple one with grey hair- apparently she's evil, but whatevs.

This box is larger than the others-

 So there you go. Cute little idolmasters without it being nendoroid.

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