Monday, July 4, 2016

Making My Shield 3 - The Really Easy Part (Continued)

So, as before, this could also be titled 'My wife is still doing all the heavy lifting on this project.' Seriously, if she makes this any more awesome, I will have to move this to the Cool Stuff My Wife Made series.

Here's the final picture. Basically, the white hippo was a base coat. We had always intended to do a second layer in glow in the dark green. Because green is my favorite color, and glow is my favorite thing to do in the dark.

But because my wife is Mrs. Fett, and she has no equal, she textured the paint to mimic hippopotamus skin. Go ahead, click that photo and behold the coarse, rippling, hippo hide.

You heard me. You are now looking at the only guy you know to have a glow in the dark hippo on his coat of arms. Take that Richard the Lionheart!

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