Sunday, July 17, 2016

Overlord Volume 1 - The Undead King

Well, I did something I rarely ever do today. I bought a physical copy of a book that I already had digitally. Why, you ask? Because my kindle version was free, and as such gave no proceeds to the author. And Overlord is enough worth it to me that the author Maruyama really deserves to get paid. This is the official English release, which came much faster than the internet nay-Sayers would have led you to believe. This leaves me hope that the subsequent volumes will come quickly as well. It was hardback, so came in at $20 at my local Barnes & Noble. It's cool, I had a coupon, and they had a 'buy 2 manga, get one free' sale which this fortunately counted toward.

So what is Overlord? If you've seen Sword Art Online or Log Horizon (or Tron or The Matrix), you pretty much have the gist of the operation. Where Overlord really shines is in its twist, which is that the Protagonist...isn't. He's an Overlord, sort of a powered up mega lich. Yes, Momonga and his menagerie of loyal fiends are, in fact, sort of the bad guys. I qualify with 'sort of' because while they are classical monsters of one variety or another, some are more kind-hearted than others, and all obey Momonga, who at least until recently, was a regular human being.

So if you enjoy a multi-faceted, in depth drama about incredibly powerful beings exploring and dominating a world that is both familiar and brand new, with moments of silly romance and pants wetting humor, you might want to take a look at Overlord.

"The world is all yours."

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