Sunday, July 24, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - CoD Megabloks Horseback Assault

This is a set that I held off on getting because I felt that it was ludicrously overpriced. I know, I know, even Mega Bloks has to pay those licensing fees somehow. But seriously, it was one horse, one figures, some weapons, and a sandbag. Not a $10 investment for me. Especially considering I have zero interest in the Call of Duty franchise.

But apparently a mere $3 markdown will convince me otherwise. I guess it sort of reminds me of Big Boss from The Phantom Pain. Yeah, I'll go with that. Anyway, the wife got the horse, Junior Fett got the figure and the missile launcher (he wanted it pretty bad, and I have a few from the CLAW sets I bought), so I ended up with the revolver and the scenery.

Welp, it's a pretty cool revolver, I guess. I'll use the scenery for some skirmish wargame or other, I'm sure. I tend to throw those together with 'whatever terrain looking pieces I have in my drawer,' and this certainly qualifies.

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