Saturday, August 27, 2016

LEGO 60120 - Volcano Starter Set

I found this the other day at TRU when I was trying to get a grey base plate for my wife, and it was a decent price, so I grabbed it for her as a sort of surprise present. The title alone gives me questions. Volcano Starter Set? Is it a set focused on people who start volcanoes? Like they use a superweapon to create a volcano so they can use metal detectors to harvest the Pizzazium Infinionite that it spews out? Or is this possibly the starter set to an upcoming LEGO series focused on geology?

Neither of these things seem that likely.

Still, I thought this was a good source of some olive drab bodies. Plus some neat parts. The crystal and lava pieces are a pretty good score, and I'm always down with getting my hands on female faces and cameras.

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