Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Penguin Lady, Babysitter, Pirate, Elsa - LEGO Wave 16 Part IV

Hey all, CounterFett here with the long delayed and probably slightly anticipated final installment of my descent into LEGO madness.

Antarctic Explorer. Because she has a camera and a penguin, see? Okay, we got a few of these, because this is the wave of the penguin or something. Hmm, makes me think about all the Space Penguin smugglers and scumbags in starbound.

Babysitter and Baby. Aside from totally wanting to  turn the girl into the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw, the whole reason to get this is the baby. Seriously.

Pirate. The anchor tattoo on his arm is pretty dope, I guess. Otherwise this one is pretty meh. I wish he had at least come with the cool new cutlass that the Ninjago pirates have.

Elsa. I don't know why they just didn't release this in the Disney wave. Because, umm, Elsa. She has cool ice rays to shoot from her hands, which is probably the best part of this one.

And that's it. Sorry this one was a little brief and uninspired, but there's a reason this batch got saved for last, and it's not because I thought they were the best.


MIK said...

Thanks for all the Wave 16 pics lately! SO many good figs, I don't know where to start. Ice Queen? Cyborg Girl? MMA Girl? I don't know!

CounterFett said...

It sort of depends how you plan to use them. For the best figure as is, I say I mean frost queen. If you're looking for parts to reuse in LEGO gaming (which sounds like something you do ;), I think the Cyborg girl is the best value. Lots of space trooper parts that can be used all over the place.

Kim Dubuisson said...

We haven't got the chances of getting these yet.