Saturday, August 20, 2016

Toys For Wargaming - Playmobile Dark Colossus

I got this on clearance at Toys R Us, and I was pretty happy to have found it, since it is nearly precisely what I was looking for. It checks off two boxes, namely as an oversize Death Knight to go with my LEGO figure of Ainz, and also as a figure of the Overlord (from the video game) to tower over my LEGO goblin army. So it's a big guy for Human size LEGO, and a normal size guy for Goblin size LEGO. A twofer!

The Colossus (or Overlord, as you please), assembled. I like that the decals for his shield come unattached, so you can decide if you want to keep it metal toned, as I have. His sword is a two piece affair, that locks securely. Strangely, the buckle for his chest harness is a separate piece. I could live without that, but whatever.

One really neat feature of this figure, is that he has two levels of grip in his hands, so he can hold colossal weapons, as well as those meant for regular playmobile figures. I don't have any these days, but it's a nice feature.

His sword slots into a scabbard that you can stick on his back. Again, a separate piece, but it stays put, so I can live with it.

I think we'll be seeing more of this guy.

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