Monday, September 19, 2016

The Big Poll!

Hey all, CounterFett here, as always in constant need of reader input.

Basically, as work on my novel progresses (which is the cause of all the lack of posting lately!), I am trying to think of how to do this publishing thing. As much as I would love to have an actual physical release, I don't think that is very realistic to hold out for. So I'm looking for alternatives. I put up a poll on the top right, to sort of gauge how people feel about the top contenders I have found.

The options thus far are:
  1. Webnovel on a monetized site. I have a passing familiarity for how this would work, since it is essentially a blog. Upsides are that you definitely get credit for anyone who even looks at the page. Downsides are that these monetize slowly, and are the easiest thing for people to plagiarize.
  2. Smashwords for $0.99 each hundred pages. Basically, this was my original idea. Sort of like a serialized light novel or fiction magazine. Upsides to this are that Smashwords seems pretty accessible and legitimate. I also would receive 85% of purchase price. Downsides are that I've never worked with them before or know how their monetization thresholds work. 
  3. Smashwords for $3 for novel length. This could be a double edged sword, as the higher price point means less accessibility, but also a reduced chance people feel like you are ripping them off. Pluses and minuses are similar to #2, but one downside here is that I will not be able to get 'Volumes' out as often, reducing my ability to see faster return on time investment.
  4. Other Website / Length Combination. Basically, if you know of a better setup than what I've come up with, let me know. The poll is still important to let me know what people think would be a reasonable cost to pagecount, but if something better is suggested, I'm not locked into picking from the above options.
  5. Toilet paper, because my writing stinks. Well, this is entirely a realistic possibility. If everyone picks this, I might cry.
Thanks a bunch folks. Hopefully I will have this figured out and some decent material available to be read soon.

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