Sunday, October 9, 2016

Plants Vs. Zombies Cactus Poppers

Okay, I have never played Plants Vs. Zombies. Nor have I bought any of the toys before. So why would I spring for not one, but two of these popper toys? Well, that's a long and complicated story that I will try to distill down to its essential points.

I play Flower Knight on Nutaku (the G rated version, give me some credit!). I have no six star characters. That's right, I have been playing every day since the game launched and maxed out every event they have had, and used THOUSANDS of the flower gems (in game currency), but have not got a single six star character. So it has become a running joke about how if I ever got Cactace (the game's obligatory green girl), I would immediately have to build a shrine or monument or something.

Yeah, that's her.

Anyway, when we were in TRU with my kids last weekend, my daughter found this and brought it to me and said "Look dad! the closest you'll ever get to having a 6 star character!" Thinking that was pretty funny, we checked to see how much it would be. It turned out they were having a buy one get one sale on it, so we got two, ostensibly so that the munchkins and I could have some low brow quality time shooting each other with foam projectiles.

And so now I have a Cactus. Just not a Cactace. :'(

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