Friday, November 11, 2016

Gamestop Fire Emblem Amiibo Restock

Hey all, Counterfett here trying to recover from what must be the longest posting gap in the history of the blog! I am pretty sure I didn't go this long without posting when I had nerve damage in my arm. Still and all, thanks for stopping by and bearing with me.

So, one of my big regrets was that I missed the Fire Emblem Amiibos that came out way in the dark ages when the line launched. See, they were only compatible with games and systems I didn't have, and there were honestly just better ways to get figures of the characters I liked.

Well, then Fire Emblem Fates came out, and if you had the proper Amiibo, you could recruit characters like Lucina and Robin. Well, Robin is nice and all, but I needed me some Lucina! I actually got Lucina off of ebay for a not ludicrous price, but the other characters were less important enough to me that I never bothered.

Now that the re-release is out and in stores, however, I decided getting Robin would not be a terrible idea. So now I have a Tactician. I love the little Levin sword.

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