Sunday, November 20, 2016

LEGO 30374 - The Lava Slinger - Nexo Knights Polybag

So, here's another one that I got a while back and was laying around my office. Had the Elf build this one while he was at it.

What you get for your $4-5 investment is a neat red demon/reptile soldier, a little manually operated catapult cart, and some extra doodads. The chipped scimitar isn't as neat of a find as it used to be, as they've been in loads of sets recently. though the switches, fangs and tread wheels are always welcome for making MOCs. Particularly when they come in unusual colors like red or gold.

Here it is assembled. A fun, quick little set, that gets you a minor vehicle to play around with quickly. If you're not into the big complicated builds (which I am not, these days) this is a pretty cool find.

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