Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chirrut Imwe Bobblehead

Hey, it's my favorite character from Rogue One! Is what I would see if I had even seen Rogue One. But I haven't so I guess...It's a bobble head of Donnie Yen, my favorite martial arts actor that happens to be in Rogue One!

Was that better?

I ended up getting this at WalMart today, as I was about to give up on finding it in the wild. I just hate to order things like this on the internet. But then again, I kind of wish I had looked at this one harder before getting it, since the paint isn't spectacular, the staff is bent, and his head just refuses to look straight.

Funko used to be such a quality brand.

But hey, a bobble head of Donnie Yen!

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