Sunday, January 15, 2017

Star Wars Rebels Captain Rex

I never watched Star Wars Rebels, but finding out that grown up Ahsoka and Old Man Rex were in it kind of made me wish I had. I say "Old Man" but how old is Rex here, really? 20?

In any event, I saw this a few times, and wanted to get it, because I love me some renegade escaped clone characters (see Aurodium Sword or Snoova tags below for old, out of date, proof), but the price was what I considered absurd. It's got the least articulation I've seen on a Star Wars figure since Kenner was still solvent.

Still, when I caught it on Clearance at Target for $3-ish, I figured what the heck. I'm glad I did, because he's pretty cool in most respects. Aside from the beef about the articulation (which is legitimate), he has pistols which can fit in his hands, and also slide into the molded holsters. That's something I've always loved on Star Wars figures. Here's looking at you Cloud Car Pilot! The helmet fits fine too.

I was going to take out of the package pictures, but honestly, there's no point. This figure, you pretty much can see what you get.


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nice catch!!! i love star wars toys !! ew