Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wargaming Weekend with Junior Fett

So, while my daughter was away at a Birthday Party / Sleepover, I decided to play some LEGO wargaming with my son, who likes gaming, and loves LEGO. We used the "Fistful of Honey" rules from Eureka miniatures, because they are simple and kid friendly, but still reasonably involved.

We scattered about a decent chunk of terrain, blocking stuff up a bit. I got a good lead early in the game, because unlike many of the other games we've played, this one does not use dice. Thus, Gavin's major dice luck was not working against me. The above photo is after the first turn, when my archer had disabled his combat drone.

I had a bit of a hard time convincing him about cover and LOS. He was insistent that since he could see all of my figures, his guys could shoot at all of my figures.

Here, Hera lines up a shot on Gimli. That's not something you say every day. She was the star of the show, doing most of my damage, ultimately being removed from play in turn 5.

The end of the game bogged down a bit, as once you are down to only a few figures, if you miss shots, the turns are essentially over, since each figure can only be activated once per turn. This is a bit of a shortcoming to the random number generation represented by a pack of playing cards. The last few figures were rubbing their faces on each other. Junior Fett and I agreed to implement a house rule on subsequent games where a 'melee' situation such as this will be decided by each of us drawing cards, and high card wins.

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