Saturday, April 29, 2017

Go! Go! Godzilla! (2014)

Yes, so I got a 'fingerine' (how did that get by without anyone calling foul?) of Godzilla at the $0.99 Only store while there to look for LEGO Dimensions sets.

I've always been a huge fan of Godzilla. I'm pretty sure I've referenced this before, but when I was a kid, I would go to help my mom at the laundromat, and in the 'lounge' area, there was a downright dizzying selection of Godzilla movies to watch. Stuff I never saw before or since. So I'm almost always on board when a new Godzilla thing is out, because it means I can get a new (or reprinted) version of my favorite Kaiju.

Judging from the picture on the back, this is the 2014 version. I didn't even actually see that movie, and search me as to how this is different from any other version (save the 2000s Iguana version). And, yes, he can in fact be used as a finger puppet, if that's your thing.

Mostly, I didn't care which version I got, as long as I could use it as a Kaiju in a hypothetical miniature wargame using one of the multiple micro figure series I have purchased over the years. Though honestly, the Funko POP! version might be more to scale.


electricwave said...

great kajiu,nice catch man! ew

paws4thot said...

Packing is mostly labeled in kanji; "Fingerine" is a "Japlish" or "Korish" word?