Sunday, April 30, 2017

Terraria Paladin Hammer

Okay, I love Terraria, but even I had a bit of a stretch of imagination trying to figure out why the foam Paladin Hammer is a thing. Seriously, this is a weapon you can only get after defeating the ENTIRE standard game. Then playing the hard mode. Then grinding for dozens of hours to beat the hardmode bosses. Then grinding for dozens of hours in the hardmode dungeons (which my wife and I had to resort to spamming summons to survive).

Are there really enough kids who even saw this weapon in game to support tooling costs? I mean, they made Excalibur, which is a hardmode weapon too, but if you say 'Excalibur' to most kids, they're gonna know you mean a kick butt sword.

Anyway, enough with my rant and on with the show. I did get a Paladin Hammer in Terraria, and this foam version is pretty cool. I got it for $5~ish on clearance at Toys R Us, which seemed like a score. And now I have a very cool foam warhammer from my very favorite video game.

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