Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 1 Smurfs Micro Village - Papa Smurf Starter Set

So, along with all of the other wacky stuff I got at the Dollar store during the great LEGO Dimensions Purge, my wife and I got these Smurfs Micro Village Sets from Jakks Pacific. Now, she wanted them because she just LOVES the Smurfs. And while I like the Smurfs reasonably well, I saw great wargaming potential in this micro terrain they had going on here.

I mean, Gnome Wars jumps to mind, but since that's a little 'on the nose' I figured I could look a little bit outside the box, and BAM! Halo Micro Ops figures. Yeah, I still have a shoe box of those teensy tinsey Spartans. Oh, and the Halo Mega Blox metal series. Oh, and the new Hotwheels Halo vehicles that friend of the blog Other James clued me in on (more on this soon!).

We live in interesting times.