Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LEGO Wave 17 Baker, Baguette Guy, Big Boy

Well, I am going to post these in three part installments, because honestly, these things have begun to annoy me otherwise. I'm trying to clump them together by theme, and today's chunk is, you guessed it, the food related figures.

The Baker. This is actually a technically magnificent figure, even if the subject matter leaves me a bit cold. The skewed hat and hair are one piece, and make me want to make a "Gourmet" version of the Dragonborn for my wife's Skyrim LEGO collection. The jacket printing on the pants, however, I find somewhat annoying. Because now I can't use those legs for anything else!

French Baguette Guy. I mean, he's not a mime. What else am I going to call him? I feel like he should come with a poodle instead of a pug. Is a pug an iconic French dog or something? I always considered that a more British thing. But he has some fairly reusable parts, for all that.

Big Boy. Should we call him Bob? I was always unclear on that. At first I thought this was supposed to be an In-N-Out employee, but upon close inspection it is apparent it's supposed to be the big boy himself. I wish the tray had pegs so the hot dog and soda would stay in place better, or that it was shaped so that he didn't have to bend backwards at a 30 degree tilt to hold it.

Quibbling, to be sure.


Mario! said...

That's a French bulldog, yo.

Mario! said...

Also, I think the diner guy can hold the tray by its edge. Like Batman with his lobster platter, which took me way too long to realize.

CounterFett said...

He can at that.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

...found the Baker, but the diner waiter eluded me ...!