Saturday, May 13, 2017

LEGO Wave 17 - Mystery Figure and Elf Princess

Well, this is it, folks, the last installment. My wife and I got a lot of these to even get the one's we did, and simply don't care to buy any more for the last few figures. I know that sounds uncharacteristically  defeatist of me, but it's the truth. I've gotten a little burned out on the blind bags in general, and nothing in this wave particularly grabbed me the way something in the past waves always seemed to.

Highwayman. This was the mystery figure. And can I just point out how ridiculous and redundant the concept of a mystery figure is in a blind bag series? They should all be sufficiently mysterious, do you not think? Still, the highwayman does not disappoint. He comes with a brace of pistols, in gunmetal, which if not new, is at least uncommon. He has some cool Victorian 'gentleman burglar' motif for the clothes. A black cape, which would have saved me some work in the semi recent Santa Alter project. There's also a bandanna mask, which is still a rare enough piece to make me happy to have it. I think the highwayman is my favorite figure from this wave, in execution and also in the number of parts that should be reusable. Seriously, though, why do all the figures in this wave have printing on the legs.

Elf Princess. This is a good one. Shield, sword, cool hair with ears, and it's even in stock LEGO yellow. The dress print is nice too. A great figure. I have a hard time thinking it can be used for anything other than Mrs. Fett's  LEGO Skyrim project, but that's good enough to merit high marks.

Well, folks, as I mentioned, it has certainly been a bumpy ride. There were some cool figures in this wave, such as the highwayman, elf princess, dwarf berserker, but there were also some duds, to my way of thinking, as well as a few figures that managed to revisit figures from only a few waves ago, that frankly, didn't need to be revisited.

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