Saturday, May 20, 2017

Power Battlers Boba Fett Pig

We have rules here at All Things Fett. Strict Rules. One is the no profanity thing, which I have upheld rigorously, though some toys have had me scrambling for synonyms since 2008. The other is the mandatory posting of Fett related toys I come across.Since it's been a while, I figured it was high time for another Dollar Store find, the Star Wars: Angry Birds crossover rendition of Boba Fett.

Yes, Boba Fett Pig.

Because this is a thing. He also comes with a Han Solo Bird Target, which is actually rather tongue in cheek, but I forgot it was there and threw it away with the package. Sadface. It is a friction motor car, at heart, so any knock down games you like to play with pull back cars or wind up toys can now have Boba Fett Pig as a competitor.

Time for some bedroom floor bowling.

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