Monday, June 5, 2017

Micro-Builder - Shark!

We saw these in the store the other day, and picked up two. This one, the shark, we got for Mrs. Fett, because her screen name is my old online moniker Makoace. Mako, in this instance, refering, of course, to the type of shark, not the Mass Effect APC or legendary Japanese-American actor.

Anyway, Junior Fett put this together, and it looks like a pretty neat build. He in general says he likes the bricks, because unlike LEGO, they have no internal walls, meaning you can slide pieces to make combinations you could not with LEGO. He did say, however, that the small size and sliding propensity made them a bit fiddly to build. Also, the stand point was simply too small to work very well, meaning the build as a whole is rather unstable.

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