Friday, June 2, 2017

SAN Check 2! - Under The Sea!

We had a second riveting role playing experience last night, which was punctuated by my wife's guffaws from the other room. She had, unwisely, remained within earshot of the gaming session.

Our brave heroes decide to set off to the North, instead of staying for the local lunar festival, as some minor and unremembered disaster prevented them from attending. They pack up their wagon and head Northward. Shortly thereafter, they come across a large piranha filled river. They look for a place to ford it, and find a rickety bridge. They cross the bridge, which promptly collapses as soon as the wagon is over. Bjorn comments that now that they can never return to the village, he's glad he paid for the whole week at the stable. 
Pressing further Northward, the heroes then come to the ocean. Not content to pick a new direction of travel, Smarty and Kaz attempt to turn the wagon into a boat, which, against all odds, is successful. Shortly after setting sail, however, the boat-nee-wagon runs aground on the crenelations of a strange underwater castle made entirely of coral. Pulling his weight for the first time in, well, ever, Kaz casts a waterbreathing spell on the party, which allows them to explore the strange submarine realm. 
They find a quaint realm of friendly merfolk, though when attempting to procure lodgings, they discover they once again have none of the local currency, and inquire about local employment. The innkeeper lets them know about the nearby cave system, which has proven the end of all local explorers. Knowing a quest thread when he sees one, Bjorn recommends they get on with the spelunking. 
Inside the cave, they immediately encounter a kraken (which Bjorn was immensely disappointed was not a liger-shark). Bjorn moves in front to protect Smarty and Kaz. Smarty shoots his bow, hitting the kraken's beak, dealing no damage. Kaz does nothing of value. The kraken attacks, but Bjorn successfully tanks the damage, and counterattacks with his sword, missing the vile creature. Smarty attacks with his bow, grievously injuring the kraken's eye. Kaz does nothing of value. The kraken attacks, but once again, Bjorn heroically tanks the damage, this time severing one of the kraken's tentacles in the counterattack. Smarty hits it, dealing decisive damage, killing the massive Architeuthis. Kaz does nothing of value. 
Victorious, our heroes finish exploring the beast's lair, and find a goodly amount of loot, as well as a magical researcher named Grimlord, who had been unable to escape the lair after coming to study the kraken.

That's where we cut it for the night. Those of you who know me or have read the blog for a while are probably laughing to yourself as you imagine all of the 'ones' I am rolling. I did finally have a good roll at the end, which did something of use. Still, Our heroes still need a new Cleric.

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