Sunday, June 4, 2017

SAN Check 3! The Seaweed Is always Greener...

This is the session that made me truly question why I subject myself to this. I'm going to forgo recounting all of the fumbles, stumbles, foibles, and contradictions in my daughter's storytelling so as to preserve the readers' sanity, but really folks, I want you to feel it here. It was hard.

After dealing with the kraken, our heroes are something of local celebrities in the underwater village, but before paying the inn rent a week in advance, Bjorn inquires as to whether anything else can come up. Grimlord, the wizard who joined the group during the battle against the kraken, informs the team that he would like to join them on a more permanent basis if they were interested in following up on his quest. 
Kaz is against it, wanting to revel in the adulation of the local merfolk, but Smarty wants to follow the trail of loot, making Bjorn the deciding vote. With a sigh and shrug, Bjorn casts his lot in with Smarty and decides to hear the wizard out. 
Apparently, the reason Grimlord was down in the briny deep was because he had discovered whispers and rumblings of a legendary treasure, the resting place of the last of the long extinct, magical golden coral. Thus, the heroes journey to the sunken crater, resting place of the legendary treasure. Kaz, reminding everyone he's not entirely useless, recasts the water breathing magic so the team doesn't all drown. 
Upon arriving at the sunken crater, the heroes are immediately beset by a type of coral monster resembling a dragon. When Grimlord points out that it's not a true dragon, and thus poses far less of a threat than a genuine dragon, Smarty points out that it will be a real dragon when the team is telling the story in a tavern. Good sense, that. 
Bjorn moves to the front, tanking a grave amount of damage from the beast's claws, and is unable to hurt the beast on his counter attack. Smarty's arrow is only able to pierce the monster's wing-like fins. Kaz heals Bjorn, and Grimlord hits the monster with a fireball (in retrospect, I'm not sure how a fireball would work underwater, but maybe it was a scalding-steam-ball) dealing vast damage. The dragon strikes again, battering Bjorn, who is nevertheless able to counterattack, piercing one of the 'forepaws' and pinning it to the ground. Smarty hits it in the eye with an arrow, slaying it. 
The monster defeated, Grimlord moves ahead to investigate the treasure, while Kaz heals Smarty and Bjorn's wounds. Grimlord returns and informs the heroes that there is only enough of the legendary golden coral remaining to be forged into one implement (of which there was a whole ludicrous menu). Smarty wants to have it forged into a bow. Bjorn however, was able to persuade the others that since they all already had phenomenal gear from the Kraken's hoard, they should make a staff for Grimlord, since he has poop gear and it was his quest anyway.

That's it for this installment folks. This was a real head-shaker for me, and I hope some mirth and laughter can be had from my suffering through this episode.

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