Monday, June 26, 2017

Star Wars Rebels - Sabine Wren - More Birthday Backloggery

Yeah, so my kids got me this for my Birthday in April. Because, I like Star Wars, and I like Mandalorians. And even though I never watched Rebels, I wholeheartedly approve of Sabine.

It's a pretty decent figure. It's done in the cartoon style, which doesn't bother me any, as I have several Clone Wars figures it will fit in nicely with, and I have long said the style translates very well to the 3.75" figures. Her helmet is removable, without being grossly oversize, nor is her head tiny. Her pistols fit her hands, and they also fit her holsters.

Just a solid, solid fig.


electricwave said...

nice find!! ew

Brutorz Bill said...

You should watch Rebels, it is rather good, has some nice segments on the Mandalorians.