Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sads - Goodbye House Of Paincakes

I used to love House of Paincakes to death. It was the last blogroll I was a part of (FTW and Bell both stopped posting my in the links, so I reciprocally removed their banners long ago). I used to be really active there as well, but since my wargaming has largely dried up in the last year or so, I wasn't hitting the site as often. Also, due to blogger's interface changes, I wasn't seeing my reading list (the blogs I follow) nearly as often as I once did.

So when the blogroll banner on the side of my page started giving an error message, I was saddened to learn that the site was simply gone. I can see references to a post called 'So Long and Thanks For All the Fish' if I look, but I cannot even read it, as the sites are taken down.

This makes me more melancholic than I care to admit. While many of my 'online' friends are people I've never met, in parts of the world I've never been to, when someone I've spoken with regularly over the period of several years just goes dark, it hits me more than I think it really should.

Recently, I've been struggling with keeping the lights on at "All Things Fett," as it were, because I simply do not have the passion for the hobby that I once did. With so many friends throwing in the towel, and the fact that my daily traffic is now 10% of what it was just two years ago, I cannot help but be discouraged.

Some of this is my own fault. Traffic is down a certain amount because I just don't post about the things that used to get me tons of traffic anymore, like Warhammer. Some is because of Google's changes, like the marginalization of the Reading List feature. Some, like HoP, I feel responsible for in some measure. Could I have been a more active participant and encouraged my friends more?

Sorry for the diatribe, friends. I'm sure I will be back to my irreverent and self absorbed standard soon. Likely, more quickly than I should.

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