Saturday, August 19, 2017

LEGO Dimensions Excalibur Batman and Bionic Steed

Okay, so in a maybe teensy bit of good news, I found a little bit of stuff that wasn't wiped from my drive (actually they were, but I had a few things I had not deleted from my camera's memory yet). So....content!

I got this at the Walmart the other day because all of their LEGO Dimensions packs were marked down a little bit. And my wife and I had both been secretly wanting to buy it for a while. Me for the 'Excalibur' (what, I have LEGO Saber to think about!) her for the Bionic Steed.

So, we got it. Turns out it was the only LEGO Dimensions set in the store that was full price, but whatever. Since we both wanted it, it was money well spent.

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