Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LEGO Ninjago Blind Pack Wave - Space Shark!

Okay, so another thing I had no idea was out until I saw it in WalMart, there's apparently a blind figure wave for the Ninjago Movie (which I also didn't know was a thing!). And we couldn't tell which figure we had, and since we only found one package, no display or anything, we got it. I knew there was a fish and a flame, but since there was no character with both on the front of the package, we just figured it was worth one risk to get the check off sheet from inside the package.

Imagine my surprise when the random figure turned out to be a Space Shark! This is great. My wife's screen name is shark themed, she was super sad we didn't get the other shark figures, including the examples in the Ninjago sets out currently, so this tickled her pink.

And also...Space Sharks!

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