Tuesday, August 15, 2017

World Of Nintendo - Bokoblin

So, I saw the local WalMart had half a zillion of these guys as peg warmers a few weeks ago. I guess people around here aren't that interested in Bokoblins? I kinda wanted to get one, because, well, these lines have been pretty sparce in in terms of mooks. Sure you can get villains like Bowser or Ganondorf, but anonymous goons? Goombas maybe, but not much else. But it just wasn't worth it to me at the standard price.

Then they put it on clearance for like 50% off.

So, I got one. And now I have a Bokoblin. I'm a little sad this line doesn't come with accessories like the larger scale figures, because he should really have a Boko Bat or something. But whatever, he's adorable in his own right.

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