Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Destiny Mega Bloks Sparrow S-31V

So, I'm not a Destiny player, so when Mega brought out the Destiny sets, I wasn't super enthused. I did think they looked cool, and had some neat accessories for generic sci-fi builds. But licensed product price tended to keep me away. Well, now the sets are on clearance at WalMart, so game on!

I got this sparrow set, largely because I like the Fallen Captain and Shank model it comes with. The Christmas Elf said it was a clever and fun build, which is neat. I let him have the vehicle, and kept the figures and weapons. The swords in particular are very cool. I've heard them described by a player of the game as a 'cyber cutlass,' which seems right down my alley. The Captain figure is VERY cool, the first 4 arm Mega minifig I've come across, and it works better than the LEGO equivalent (Garmadon), as they are all individually ball jointed. The hands each have three fingers, and all four hands can hold a standard accessory, which is awesome!

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