Saturday, September 16, 2017

Progress! The Robotic Earth Defense Initiative

Founded in 2125, at the heyday of humanity's Golden Century, the Robotic Earth Defense Initiative (or R.E.D.I.) was seen as a major step forward in preparedness for unforeseen global defense crises. Their slogan "So You Don't Have To" soothed the conscience of an organic populace weary of war, reminding them that robots can't be killed. Furthermore, robots have no families to mourn them should they be destroyed in battle.

Initial concerns, fueled by speculative fiction, that the robots would resent and subsequently overthrow humanity, were largely assuaged by the fact that the robotic soldiers proved more amiable than humans in general, and since they were effectively immortal due to the Wireless Cataclysmic Response System (usually abbreviated as 'Wi-Cri'), they never felt particularly exploited or downtrodden. Additionally, since robots proved typically less effective than trained human soldiers in field trials, early naysayers lost what little traction there was to oppose implementation of the system.

Thus, by 2150, all of Earth's conventional military forces were disbanded, replaced by tireless, dutiful, and efficient R.E.D.I. forces.

Alright, the creative juices are flowing again, for the first time since the Creating My Own Game World idea went toes up. This is good news, folks! We're back in the gaming business. Look forward to more as this project progresses. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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