Sunday, September 17, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 3: The Heroes of Another Story

Now that I have a few of these posts, and it seems like I am going to be following through with this for a change, I retroactively realized I should have been labeling these so that someone could read them in order, if they so chose. So for you, dear completionists, I give you Robot Solo Gaming, Part III!

By the last years of the 22nd century, even though wars between nations were nearly out of living memory, the world was still a dangerous place. Dissident factions, extraterrestrial invaders, monsters, and out of control necromantic magic remained as grave a threat as they ever were. Now responsible for the protection of all Earth from such menaces, the forces of R.E.D.I. had to be able to cope with a wide variety of evils. And cope they did, with specialized programming, weapons, tactics, and modifications.

But when the chips were down, and the forces of Darkness threatened to unravel the very fibers at the edges of reality, REDCOM (Robotic Earth Defense Command) would call on the elite special forces robots of the Dark Watchdog Brigade. Each member of Dark Watchdog was crafted from the finest materials available to robo-craft, sparing no expense. The best equipment and most experienced technical staff were available to them at a moments notice. Truly, Dark Watchdog was the most elite and successful fighting force Earth had ever seen.

But when Dark Watchdog was busy, and irritating minor threats demanded a mediocre to adequate combat response, REDCOM would call on the Vague Mantis Squad. Made up of rejected units from other projects, as well as obsolete units that the distribution center could not return due to missing the recall period, Vague Mantis scraped along interminably with gear made by the lowest bidder and haphazard maintenance that would make a Detroit chop-shop proprietor wince. Truly, Vague Mantis was the 'Other Team,' the regular forces that did the thankless messy jobs day to day, while flashier units with cutting edge tech got all the headlines.

These are the heroes of our story.

That's it for now! I wanted to do a brief introduction before rolling out the actual members of Vague Mantis, to sort of set the tone of the series. I think the humorous bits of the last installment should have been a clue, but I want this to be a tongue-in-cheek campaign. Nothing this team does is going to be do-or-die fate of the universe stuff. That's the Dark Watchdog Brigade's job. These are the guys who do the military equivalent of rescuing cats from trees. 

As always, let me know what you think in the comments!

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