Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 5: Mechanized Defense Unit - Lunar

In 2160, in an ill conceived budgetary boondoggle, R.E.D.I.'s then-chairman Quentin Throckmorton VII launched the Lunar Defense Project. Launched being used only figuratively, as the initiative literally never got off the ground. Cooler heads prevailed when someone pointed out that nothing ever happened on the moon, and that a defense unit for said moon would be a complete waste of: resources, time, money, and pretty much anything else used in the endeavor. All funding and staff for the project were diverted to other divisions by January 2161, though a single, prototype, unit had been built and initialized.

That unit being none other than MDU-L1 (pronounced 'Metal!' - guitar riff-). The MDU-L1 was cutting edge technology...forty years ago. Though well armored, he was built for the lower gravity environment of the moon, and has a less than sufficient powerplant for terrestrial movement. As such, MDU-L1 is obliged to use his maneuvering thrusters to maintain normal speed while on Earth. As the thruster reaction is Sulfur based, and makes a distinctive, almost biological bleating, MDU-L1 is constantly surrounded by the smell and sound of human flatulence. Fortunately most of his co-workers are also older model robots, and not equipped for olfactory detection. He was assigned to the Vague Mantis Squad as a heavy assault trooper.

MDU-L1 is made from the orange Clone trooper as well as the head, chest piece, and helmet of the Orange Space Robot from the blind pack waves. I didn't do that on purpose, I simply do not remember where I put his body. I might have used it for something else, maybe Butt the Batarian? His weapon is a Terrorizer MG from Brick Warriors, and the Fallen Captain's Cyber Cutlass from the Destiny Sparrow set. This will count as an Elephant Gun and Saber in the rules I will be using.

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