Thursday, September 21, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 6 - Golem 6

In the earliest phase of the Robotic Earth Defense Initiative, emphasis was placed on rapidly establishing defensive coverage over large geographical regions while minimizing financial impact on member nations. Thus, many stopgap temporary units were put in place, such as the Low Overhead Automatic Defender (LOAD) model. The unfortunate acronym in no way helped ease the impact of the simple fact that the LOAD units performed sub-par to purpose built machines from other manufacturers in many regards.

Fortunately for the design bureau, the fact that 4-6 LOAD units could be manufactured for the cost of a single purpose built machine meant that the model's high criticality (unit failure) rate became a non issue when any threat could simply be swarmed with cheap, disposable LOADs.

By 2155, however, maintenance and storage costs were becoming onerous, and more capable purpose built machines were become available in greater numbers, the remaining LOAD robots were pulled out of front line service, and mothballed. However, when the Vague Mantis squad was formed, a few such units were assigned to the team as placeholders, and then left there when command oversight simply forgot about them.

Golem 6 is one such unit. A low performing example of a low performing type, Golem 6 was named as such by a team technician that pointed out, that, even for a robot, Golem executed tasks in a mechanical and thoughtless manner.

Golem 6 is made from the body and armor of a Blind Bagged Space Miner. The head of the LEGO movie Robot Miner, a LEGO bank robber watch cap, and a Brick Warriors Saw Rifle (Lancer), which will count as a rifle and saber.

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