Friday, September 22, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 7 - High-Speed Oceanic Navigation Emulator

In the early 22nd century, Maritime Shipping was revolutionized by the 'Bullet Ship,' a type of magnetically driven cargo vessel which used an electromagnetic propulsion system to travel at high speed by acting against the metal present in seawater in the same way that a bullet train works off of the rails. By 2166, however, most maritime shipping had been supplanted by orbital cannon delivery and re-entry ports, obviating the need for expensive maritime vessels, ports, and distribution centers. The impact on the human workforce was negligible, as most of these roles had long been taken by robotic entities.

One such supplanted entity, however, was High-Speed Oceanic Navigation Emulator 1 (HONE-1, pronounced H-1-1, and not Honey, unless you want to hurt his feelings). The shipping conglomerate to which he belonged, however, was at an impasse as to how to dispose of him. He was obsolete, certainly, but his expensive and sophisticated programming meant simply scrapping or mothballing would be a costly waste. Around the same time, however, R.E.D.I. was looking for robot bargains to staff Vague Mantis Squad, and HONE-1 was whisked away to governmental service.

Not designed for military service, HONE-1 nonetheless has a functioning articulation and power plant, and a high order analytical processor. His spatial awareness and mathematical acumen mean he has excellent aim and (of course) navigation skills. On the downside, he is more self aware than a typical military robot, and is somewhat prissy, often putting him at odds with the rough and tumble military lifestyle.

HONE-1 is made from a Castle Knight legs and body, the head of the wind-up robot from the blind bag wave, a Brick Warriors tactical vest, a LEGO revolver from the blind bag bandito, and Brick Warriors steampunk rifle. His weapons will count as a pistol and shotgun.


electricwave said...

your robots are cool,and the background too,nice work! ew

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the kind comments!