Saturday, September 23, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 8 - Dot 3

Another LOAD model military robot like Golem 6, Dot 3 (not an acronym, she is simply the third physical iteration of the unit named Dot), likewise joined Vague Mantis as a placeholder rather than going into mothball storage. Dot is a slightly more creative and has more initiative than her colleague Golem 6, and has only had her chassis destroyed twice. Still, she remains a rather low spec LOAD unit, interesting primarily in that she is one of the few robotic entities to refer to herself with female pronouns.

Dot 3 is made from much the same parts as Golem 6, with the notable exception being that her head is from the LEGO movie robot madame, and her helmet is from KREO Mutt. She wields a Mega Bloks Call of Duty rifle, and a LEGO pistol, which will count, conveniently enough, as a rifle and pistol.

Didn't mean for Dot 3's write-up to be one of the shortest, but that's a symptom of coming after Golem, where I detailed the LOAD-type Robots' backstory. Mostly this is all just to explain why she's the only squad member with painted on mascara and lipstick. Meh.

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