Sunday, September 24, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming 9 - Encounter At Karnak

A young British lieutenant rushed into the quiet conference room, disturbing the two old generals who had been looking out the window and chatting. They turned as the younger man entered, as he paused breathless before SACEUR and REDCOMEUR for what he imagined would be the most important briefing of his life.

"Sir, you'll never believe the reports we're getting out of CINCAFMED!"

Both of the generals chuckled, and the American, a scarred 4 star army general with a prosthetic hand, told the lieutenant "Son, we've been protecting this crazy world since probably before you were born. We've heard it all."

The German, also a scarred 4 star, with an edelweiss embroidered eyepatch over his left eye, said "Try us."

"It's Karnak sir, they are saying that the ruins at Karnak are being overrun by..." He paused again.

The generals were more serious now. "Go ahead." The German urged again.

"Evil Teddy bears."  

KARNAK/2215hrs/Operation Violet Salesman

The mission at Karnak started out well enough. Golem-6 took point, and thought for the first few engagements, he could have handled the whole mission without the rest of the team. Hot brass and torn stuffing tumbled across the Egyptian soil as he blasted and sawed his way through the foe.

Before long, however, as the team progressed deeper in the ruins, the cuddly foe's numbers became overwhelming.

Finally, after several hard fought encounters, the ultimate villain appeared! When the sparks were done flying, Vague Mantis Squad had triumphed again.

"You know those jerks in Dark Watchdog are just going to make fun of us for this, right?" Dot-3 asked sarcastically.

"Let 'em!" Golem-6 shot back, "You know how long it will take to get the sand out of my joints and the stuffing out of my chainsaw?"

"23 minutes?" Estimated HONE-1, dispassionately.

"...Forever!" Golem-6 responded, his vehemence deflated somewhat by the likely very accurate assessment.

"I'll help you man." MDU-L-1 quipped, "I'll have to sharpen the nicks out of my cyber cutlass anyway, the stitching on that last teddy really dinged her up!"

Dot-3 just sighed. At least they'd all survived. This time.

Hey all, just want to mention that this was a scheduled post way in advance (like a week!). Since only about part 3 is out at the moment, if you've been commenting, I have not seen it at the time of writing, so sorry if it seems like I'm unresponsive. Hope you've been enjoying the ride so far, I certainly had a blast playing. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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