Monday, September 18, 2017

Robot Solo Gaming IV: More Progress, But It's Slow!

So, for the initial phases of my Robot solo gaming project, I had mentioned that I will be using LEGO figures. This is at least until I come up with something better. My wife had some great ideas on this front, but those I will wait to divulge after a trip to the craft store to see if serendipity will provide.

But then I got that sinking feeling I sometimes get when I go to forge something new from my collection of LEGO minifigures.

This could take a while.

Edit: This post was supposed to be at this time yesterday, and Robot Solo Gaming III was supposed to be today. But the scheduler didn't work and posted part III right when I finished typing it. -sigh- Thanks Google.

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electricwave said...

lego robots works well,on moc pages there are a lot of good ideas,from droids to titans.. ew