Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kre-O Transformer Blind Bags - Long Haul

I was down at my Parent's house this weekend with Mrs. Fett and the Mini-Fetts, and we went with my mom (Madre-Fett) to the Family Dollar, which is the only 'store' in her town. Low and behold they had a few blind pack Kre-O Transformers from some wave or other. Mrs. Fett sighed and told me I could get them, so get them I did.

This was the most disappointing of the five I got, insomuch as I already have him from the Constructicon Devastator multi-pack from days of yore. But still, he's a decent enough figure, and who even knows where that other one got off to? Seriously, I'm doing a solo gaming project with LEGO robots right now, where are all those Transformers?

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